How to Configure Testimonials Section?

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Testimonials Sections

You can show the testimonials about your company in this section of the homepage. You must add testimonials first. For the best design layout, we recommend you to add at least 3 testimonials.

How to Add Testimonials?

  • Go to Dashboard > Testimonials > Add New.

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  • Enter the name of the person in the title area
  • Enter the testimonials given by the person in the content area.
  • Enter the Testimonial details.
  • Give the testimonial an order. You can choose to display testimonials according to postdate or post order (menu order).
  • Put the photo of the person as the featured image.
  • Click on Publish/Update button.


How to Configure Testimonial Section?

  • Go to Appearance >Customize>Front Page Settings> Testimonial Section.
  • You can either add a background image or select background color in Select Background Options.
  • Choose the amount of excerpt character length as per your choice.
  • Select the number of testimonials to show on the home page. 3 testimonials are displayed by default. You can add up to 5 testimonials.
  • Click Publish.

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