How to Configure Team Section?

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team section

You can display the profile of team members of your company here. Please follow the below video tutorial or the following steps to configure Team Section

You need to create a page for teams and add team members first.

How to Add Team Members?

  • Go to Dashboard > Team Members > Add New.
  • Enter the name of the team member in the title.
  • Enter the description of the team member in the content area.
  • Enter the position and contact details of the team member in the Member Details
  • Set the image of the person as the featured image.
  • Click on Publish/Update button.

team section

How to Configure Team Members Section?

  • Go to Appearance> Customize> Home Page Settings> Team Section
  • Select a Page or Post. The Title and content of the selected page/post will be displayed as the title and description of the section. If you haven’t created a page for Team, you need to create a page first.
  • Select the number of Team members you want to display on the home page.
  • Enter the View All Button Label
  • Select the Team Display Order
  • Click on Publish

team section

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