How to Configure Portfolio Section?

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You can display your portfolio (your accomplishments) on your homepage here. You have to create a page and portfolios first.

  • Go to Dashboard > Portfolios > Add New.
  • Enter the title for the Portfolio.
  • Enter the description on the content area.
  • Set the featured image.
  • Choose a category/ies for the logo.
  • Click on Publish/Update button.

Portfolio Section

Please follow the given steps to Configure Portfolio Section.

  • Go to Appearance> Customize> Home Page Settings> Portfolio Section
  • Select a Page or Post. The Title and content of the selected page/post will be displayed as the title and description of the section. If you haven’t created a page for Portfolios, you need to create a page first.
  • Select the number of Portfolios you want to display on the home page.
  • Click Publish.

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