How to Configure Post(Blog) & Pages Settings?

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Please follow the below steps to configure Post (Blog) & Pages Settings

  • Go to Appearance > Customize > General Settings > Post (Blog) & Pages Settings
  • Enable Hide Prefix in Archive Page to hide prefix in archive page. (Blue is enabled)
  • Enable Blog Post Image Crop to avoid automatic cropping of featured image. (Blue is enabled)
  • Enable Blog Excerpt to show excerpts. Disable to show full post content.
  • Choose the Excerpt Length 
  • Enter Read More Text 
  • Enable Hide Author to hide author section. (Blue is enabled)
  • Enter Author Section Title
  • Enable Show Related Post to show related posts in a single page. (Blue is enabled)
  • Enter Related Posts Section Title
  • Enable Show Comments to show comments in a single post or page. (Blue is enabled)
  • Enable/Disable Hide Category. (Blue is enabled)
  • Enable/Disable Hide Posted Date. (Blue is enabled)
  • Enable Show Featured Image to show featured image in post detail. (Blue is enabled)
  • Click on Publish.

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