How to Configure Testimonial Settings?

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Testimonial Setting

Note: In order to set up the Testimonial  Section, you need to make a page for it. The page should have a title and content which will be displayed as the section title and content respectively.

Please follow the below steps to configure Testimonial Settings

  • Go to Appearance> Customize>Home Page Settings> Testimonial Section  
  • Check Enable Testimonial Section to display it on the Homepage.
  • Select a Page for the Testimonial Section.
    • The page title of the selected page will appear as the section title
    • The excerpt of the selected page will appear as the section description. If the excerpt is not entered first few sentences of the page content will appear as section description
  • Select the category for the Slider.  The Post Titles and contents of the posts under the selected category will appear under the testimonial section.
  • Check Enable Testimonial Auto Transition for the slider to transition automatically.
  • Check Enable Testimonial Pager to allow manual navigation.
  • Check Enable Testimonial caption to display caption.
  • Choose a testimonial Animation type.
  • Enter the Slider Animation Speed and Slider Pause. ( 7000= 7 seconds)
  • Click Save & Publish.

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