How to Configure Restaurant Menu Settings?

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Restaurant Menu Settings

Note: This section is only visible if you have Woocommerce Plugin downloaded and activated.

Before you start with the section make sure you have done the following.

  • Download and Activated Woocommerce Plugin by Woothemes
  • Added Products
  • Created a page with the default template with the title and content that needs to be displayed under the Restaurant Menu Section.

Adding a new Product

Once you have downloaded and activated the Woocommerce plugins, you get a Product option on your dashboard.

  • Go to Products>Add new 
  • Enter the product name on the title. Describe the product on the Product Short description section
  • Upload the Product images by clicking on Set Product Image and set Product gallery
  • Enter Product details like Price etc on the Product Data section below the content section
  • Click Publish 

Setting Up the section

  • Go to Appearance> Customize> Homepage Settings> Restaurant Menu Section  
  • Check Enable Restaurant Menu Section to display it in the Homepage.
  • Choose the page for Restaurant Menu Section.
    • The Page title of the selected page will appear as the section title.
    • The content of the selected page will be displayed under About us Section.
  • Choose Category One, Category Two, Category Three, etc.
    • The selected Categories will appear under various Tabs under The Reservation Menu Section. The category name will appear as the tab title.
    • The Products under the selected category of product will be displayed under the respective Category Tab
  • Click Save and Publish.

Restaurant-menu-Setting for restaurant and cafe

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