How to Configure Service Section?

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Service Section restaurant and cafe

Note: In order to set up the Service Section, you need to make a page for it. The page should have a title and content which will be displayed as the section title and content respectively.

Please follow the below steps to configure Service Section

  • Go to Appearance> Customize>Home Page Settings> Service Section  
  • Check Enable Service Section to display it on the Homepage.
  • Select a Page for the Service Section.
    • The page title of the selected page will appear as the section title
    • The excerpt of the selected page will appear as the section description. If the excerpt is not entered first few sentences of the page content will appear as section description
    • Featured image of the page will be displayed under the section
  • Select Post One, Post Two and Post Three.  The Post Title and content will appear as the Service Title and content respectively. The Featured Image of the Post will be displayed beside the service title.
  • Click Save & Publish.

Service-Section for restaurant and cafe

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