How to Configure Slider Settings?

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Please follow the below steps to configure Slide Settings

  • Go to Appearance >Customize>Slider Settings.
  • Check Enable Home Page Slider to show the featured slider the homepage.
Slider-Setting business one page
  • Select the posts which you want to display in the slider. (Featured images of the selected post will be displayed as slider images. )
    • Featured images of posts should be at least 1400 px in width and 600 px in the height for displaying slider images properly.
    • Use Regenerate Thumbnail Plugin to crop all the images if you have already uploaded the Images.
  • Click Save & Publish

Configuring Slider

  • Check Enable Slider to Auto Transition for the slides to transition automatically (auto-scroll) without a click.
  • Check Enable Slider Loop to continue the slide transition in the loop
  • Check Enable Slider Control to allow manual navigation for paging control of each slide?
  • Check Enable Slider Caption to show the post title to appear on the slider post image
  • Check Enable Slider Thumbnail to show the tiny thumbnail feature images of the slider Posts to appear at the bottom
  • Select the slider animation type to “fade” or “slide”
  • Enter the Readmore text to set the text of the button
  • Enter Slider Speed: Set the Interval (in milliseconds) at which the slider should change posts (if automatic transition is enabled). Default: 7000 (7 seconds)
  • Enter Animation Speed: Set the speed of animations, in milliseconds. Default: 600
  • Click Save & Publish

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